Clay Angel Workshop

I was inspired by these lovely angel images I found online, and since it's almost that time of year, I thought I would offer an angel workshop. Perfect for a Mother-Daughter (Parent/child) day, this workshop is 2 days: the first Saturday for creating the angel, the second Saturday for glazing and finishing options. This class is open to adults and youth, bring a friend or come solo. No experience needed. I will walk you through the process. Held in my home studio Saturday, December 1st, 12 noon- 3:00 pm and a follow up for glaze and finishing on Saturday, December 8 same time. Participants age 9 through adult. Workshop is limited to 12 participants. Cost is $49 per person. Parents who register with their child get 50% discount off their child's registration! Click here to get registered!


This is a place where there are no "girl colors" or "boy colors". Every color of the rainbow is open and available to any and all- a space where you can feel safe to explore, discover, ask questions, THINK.

This is a place where you are invited to remain curious.

Art is an adventure! Like the artist Fred Babb says, "Art is a place kids travel to where they feel good about themselves. Keep their passports current!"

Ms. julia's Art Studio, LLC.

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