Because of YOU!

To Update: Our Square1 Art fund raiser was a GRAND success! In fact, I believe it did better than many years prior! So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the RME families who bought product. Not only did you support the RME Art Department, but you told your children how much you value their creations. You have original keepsakes for years to come. I truly could not do my job without you. I now have wonderful art supplies available to the students because of your generosity. Many, many thanks.

The goal for the Square1 Art fund raiser was 30%. We are at 28.89% and with the mail in orders which are in route today, I believe we will make it, (or at least come mighty close)! Thank you all for your participation and support! The best student and parent body in Cobb!! YOU make it happen!