We Need Your Help!


As many of you already know, here at Rocky Mount we raise money to buy art supplies for the school year by partnering with Square1 Art. To give you some perspective, we have more than 500 students here at RME. If you have ever bought a box of crayons or markers, paint, paint brushes, etc. you know that the cost can add up, especially when you multiply it by more than 500 students. I took the cost of some basic supplies and added them up to show you what it costs to teach art for a school year:

Crayons 24 pack $1.37

Markers 14 pack $12.49

Drawing Paper 9X12 tablet $2.88

Tempera paint set w brush $9.89

Colored Pencil set 12 $3.49

$30.02 X 500 students = $15,010

The estimated costs above do not even include the added paper (I go through REAMS of paper in a school year), pencils, erasers, oil pastels, chalk pastels, sturdy paper for painting, print making supplies, and much more. I am grateful to teach in an area that can and does support the arts. PTA gives generously to the RME art program every year, but as you can see from the estimated costs above, that gift must be supplemented. No, I do not spend $15,000 per school year. Having that kind of money certainly would be a dream come true. But I do have a goal, and I need your help. Last year we had 27.44% participation in the Sq.1 Art fund raiser here at RME. We receive about 30% of the proceeds. Last year that was about 30% of $4,657 of product orders for the school year. This year my goal is to increase the RME family participation from 27.44% to 30%.

I believe we together can do that. I do have some families who would rather give directly to the RME Art Department than buy product.

YES, please do! You may write a check to RME and ear mark it to the Art Department. Our book keeper will take care of it. Again, thank you for all your support, your love, and generosity. It is an honor to have been a part of the community family here at RME for 20 years. I could not do it without you. My heart is full. Warmly,

Julia Speer