Square1 Art is Coming!!

Students are preparing their art for the Square1 Art fund raiser. Grades k-1 are learning about the difference between Line and Shape as well as the Design Principles of Variety and Repetition. In their flower drawings they show the concepts of Overlapping and Running off the page.

Grades 2-3 are learning about Concentric Shapes. They also experimented with different art supplies and how they respond to each other such as wax crayons with watercolor wash and watercolor markers.

4-5 grades are focusing on Color Theory. In previous years they have learned about Primary, Secondary, and Complimentary Colors. They also know which colors are warm and cool. This project introduces some new color vocabulary, Analogous Colors, the "next door neighbors" on the color wheel. They will use interesting lines to create cool waves and water under warm sunset skies. These students have also explored what happens with crayon wax resist my mixing crayons, watercolor wash, and watercolor markers.

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