First Week Back: Thumbs Up!

First week back at Rocky Mount Elementary. We are in a temporary art room, so it is a bit awkward. Word is that the art room floor will be ready by September. Fingers Crossed! All grade levels begin the year by creating a portfolio to keep their 2-D artwork in during the school year. This short video is one of the 3rd grade classes. Looking forward to next week when we begin our first art project for the year. It will be to raise money for our art supplies using the Square1 Art company. If you want to know more about them, check out their website


This is a place where there are no "girl colors" or "boy colors". Every color of the rainbow is open and available to any and all- a space where you can feel safe to explore, discover, ask questions, THINK.

This is a place where you are invited to remain curious.

Art is an adventure! Like the artist Fred Babb says, "Art is a place kids travel to where they feel good about themselves. Keep their passports current!"

Ms. julia's Art Studio, LLC.

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