What did Rocky Mount students do this summer?

June 2016 Rocky Mount students of all ages gather at Ms. Julia's working artist studio right here in my home in Kennesaw, GA. We began with the clay project of Bird Baths. This was especially fun because of the Science of melting glass marbles to look like water in the clay piece. Very cool indeed! Students also had fun drawing potted cacti. There were created with colored markers on slick finger paint paper. The houses were a lesson in Print Making, black ink on colored paper. The delightful beach scenes came up as a sort of brainstorming idea while I was in my studio one day. Many years ago, someone had given me sand dollars they had collected on a beach somewhere. I had always wondered how I might use them. I saw a bucket of sand against the wall that I use with some of my clay work, and a lightbulb went on in my brain. During art camp, I had students stand with their bare feet on the mat board while I traced an outline of their feet in pencil. They then painted the water and the feet and glued the sand. Finally we hot glued the sand dollar. I love the way these turned out, especially the differing skin colors and the painted toenails! Next in the gallery above you will see the Screaming Crazy Hair artworks. These remind me of how I feel when riding a roller coaster. The faces were colored with oil pastel, and the hair is liquid watercolor paint blown with a straw. Summer wouldn't be summer without creative and colorfully designed sunglasses. These were painted with tempera cakes. The bright sun faces were painted on cardboard cake rounds. Holes were punched at the top where aluminum wire was pulled through and curled into spirals. This served as a hanger so the sundials were ready to hang. To be sure, it was an eventful summer of art expression!