Summer Ends ... School Begins!

Well, summer free time has come to an end, and we are entering into a new and exciting school year. I will be using a lot of open ended questions to engage critical thinking. One of the artists I look forward to exploring this school year for his strong narrative and his expressive characters is Norman Rockwell.

We will begin as always with our art fund raiser for purchasing all our art materials and supplies for the school year. The company we use is the same company we have partnered with in the past,

The first art projects for all grades will be the artwork that ships to Square1art to create your personalized product. Everything you order, large or small, raises money for Rocky Mount art supplies. K-1st grade will be studying the difference between stencils and templates. They will increase eye-hand coordination using templates to create different artworks. The final Sq1 project will be painted cupcakes. We will study the art of Wayne Thiebaud.

2nd-3rd graders will create their Sq1 artwork using oil pastels. They will experiment with color blending to create the look of painting. Their oil pastel painting subject will be a cup & saucer. They will also explore the difference between the art elements of Line and Shape, specifically the difference between an oval and an ellipse. We kinesthetically use our bodies to anchor the lesson in our brains, opening our arms and closing them repeating, "A Shape is open and a Line is closed." Below are some examples from years past by grades k-1st. WOW! Can't wait to see what the 2nd & 3rd graders create!

4th-5th grade will explore different show drawings, specifically sneakers. They will draw their own sneaker, given many examples, and color with a choice of mediums. The focus for these grade levels will be Complimentary Colors. They will be challenged to use color in a way to enhance the Contrast in their artwork.