Due to the spread of Covid-19, Ms. Julia's Art Studio is now offering both online streaming and pre-recorded tutorials. 

Online Streaming Beginning Art Classes for all ages. No experience necessary!

Projects are designed for children and adults (Kindergarten age may need a little help). Work at your own level and pace.

Art Kits are available for pick-up in the local Marietta-Kennesaw areas.

If you are further out, email me and we can talk options.

Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hr and meet for 4 weeks beginning October 5, 2020. 

Easy Access!

No login to Zoom.

No fussing with video and microphone.

No shopping required.
Your Art kit has everything you need!

   Stress Free!​

  1. Choose your class or classes.

  2. Register online and make payment.

  3. Meet at designated time to pick up your class kit(s).

  4. Receive YouTube link and participate in live stream classes (You do not need a YouTube account).

Creative Doodling

Online Class!

Great for family time!


Minimal supplies needed!

Click here

for more info.

Purchase three classes get a $25 discount. Purchase all four classes, (includes 17 projects), and receive a $50 discount!

Oil Pastel Painting

Mondays 4:00-5:00 

Cost $124
4 Projects:                     

  • Ice Cream Sundae

  • Bubble Gum Machine

  • Cardinal in the Snow

  • Pumpkin Still Life

Kit Includes:
Plastic Spoon/Scraper
Tongue Depressor/Scraper
Heavy Wt. Manila Paper
25 pack of Oil Pastels
Coloring Pages

Tempera Painting  

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00

Cost $124
4 Projects:

  • Seed Pod Flowers

  • Lighthouse

  • Abstract Overlap

  • Pumpkin Still Life

Kit Includes:

3 Stretched Canvases

1 hanging Canvas
Tongue Depressors
Paint Brush (10 pk.)
Tempera Paint
Coloring Pages

Ceramic Air-Dry Clay

Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 

Cost $124
4 Projects:

  • Cupcake

  • Clay Slab Castle

  • Clay Slab Portrait

  • Pumpkin

Kit Includes:

Canvas Surface
Wooden Tools
Wooden Roller

Castle Flags
Coloring Pages


3-D Art Expression

Thursdays 4:00-5:00 

Cost $124
4 Projects:

  • Wire, Clay, Wood, Cork

  • Sculpture on a Skewer

  • Pop-Up Paper Sculpture

  • Radial Design w Nature

Kit Includes:
Wood Block Stand



Clay Beads

Colored Paper


Bamboo Skewer


Coloring Pages

Registration and Payment click Here!

Sibling Discounts!!

Siblings can take the same class together for a discount. Cost of the kit and 50% cost of class. That's a $32 discount! (email me for Paypal link).

Homeschool Groups of 4 or more will take a little more planning & organizing.

If you are a group of parents offering Pandemic Pods or you are homeschooling a group looking for art classes and instruction, please reach out to me and we will set that up. msjuliasartstudio@gmail.com


Tutorials have the benefit of being able to pause, fast-forward, and re-wind.

The current unit I am working on is 3-D Art Expression.

Many of the projects are inspired by the work of Wayne Thiebaud.

There will be more than a dozen separate projects using Crayola’s Model Magic.

I chose this product for several reasons:

  1. It is remarkably light and easy to use.

  2. Reasonably priced.

  3. Easy to find (Michael's, Joann's, Walmart, Target)

  4. Comes in a variety of colors which removes the added step of painting later.

  5. And best of all it is air dry! No need for an oven or kiln like you would with polymer clay or ceramic clay.

Online tutorials will be available in coming months.

Stay tuned for details.