Sweetmeats, bon-bons, confections. Did you know that  in the nineteeth century, if you wanted something candy-ish, the pharmacy was the place to get it? Remember the line from the Mary Poppins song, "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down"? Pharmacists for centuries had been using sugar to literally make unpleasant medicine go down more easily. The first candy dispensing machine was invented by a pharmacist named Oliver Chase in 1847. Eventually candy makers who sold to pharmacists began selling their own candy, and the rest is history.


There is something delightfully magical about making artful confections that look real. These bon-bons in the photo look delictable enough to eat. But you wouldn't want to do that because they are made of Crayola's Model Magic.

In this online virtual class, participants will design and create delicious looking bon-bons like these! This class is for all ages, children to adult. Price includes Art Kit with all materials. Art Kits will be available (for locals) to pickup in the Target Parking lot on Shallowford Rd. in East Cobb. If you are not local, I can ship you an art kit or give you a supply list. 

Date & Time:

Saturday, April 17, 4:00 pm EST
Cost (inclused Art Kit):


Art Kit Includes:

7 Model Magic Colors

9 fluted foil Metallic Candy Cups (in gold, silver, or both)

Plastic Work Surface

Paper Plate

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